How to: Starting the day right

April 17, 2016

A good and healthy breakfast in the morning gives us the energy to go through the day. It is important to not skip this part before leaving the house, but as probably most of us are in a hurry after waking up, here are 3 easy and quick breakfast ideas:

simply mix 1 banana, a handful of spinach and some almond milk (or any other)

crush frozen berries into a smooth consistence (I had to add some yoghurt/milk) and fill up your bowl with cereals and fruits

you can find the recipe of these super easy pancakes here: click
As well, I like to eat them with the frozen berries mix on top or just very classic with maple syrup

I wish you all the best start into the new week, 

with eyes wide open, xx Maike

First day of Spring

March 20, 2016

 It's the 20th of March and that means today is the first day of Spring, yeeey finally! 
Unfortunately, the weather out of my window reminds me of cold November, but I'm so looking forward to the warm days. Whilst walking through the park you can already watch some tiny flowers grow and hear the birds sing. 
& what is the beginning of spring without some flowerpower? Here are some pictures that I've taken this morning of our orchid family...

Living a happier life

March 16, 2016

 Being happy sounds so easy, right? But actually it can be a big struggle... and there is also a difference between "just" being happy and living a happy life. I'm not talking about never being unhappy, of course there are also not so great moments - that's life!
It's all about finding the right balance and here are 10 tips for all of us:

Hotel Review // Mykonos Part 2

March 13, 2016

We stayed at the hotel called "Albatros Club Mykonos", which is in the northern part of Mykonos, close to Panormos Beach. It was the best decision we've made and we had a fully relaxed week at this familiar hotel. 

Greece for the first time // Mykonos Part 1

March 11, 2016

It's March and summer not too far away anymore. Well, actually there will be spring first, but I'm already dreaming about summer holidays and can't wait for the warm beam of sunlight! Although I'm not a big fan of blazing heat and prefer to stay in the shadow (due to easy sunburns and sweaty conditions haha), I'm definitely a sun child, probably because of my birth month July. There is nothing that can change my mood in seconds, but sunshine! 

It's been a while...

February 04, 2016

Hello again!

I'm still alive... My last post was exactly one year ago, that day I had promised to upload more regularly... well, obviously it didn't work at all. I remember me sitting in my bed at my host families house and thinking about all the free-time I would have when I will be home, about all the time for taking pictures and finally editing them again, and just doing what I love. But life showed me differently and I found myself being in the middle of the monetary of everyday life!

And now welcome the new year

January 20, 2015

Long time no see... First of all, a big big SORRY! Here is a super late Happy New Year for you guys, may this year will be filled with lots of happiness, laughter and love...

A city and its inhabitants

November 29, 2014

I'm totally fascinated by this little fellows! London's parks are full of squirrels, but you can even find them more "central", as in the area around the Tower Bridge. They just make me happy, in the way how they behave and especially how they are able to trigger something in us. Almost everywhere you see somebody who discovers a squirrel, a big smiley appears on their faces.

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