Living a happier life

March 16, 2016

 Being happy sounds so easy, right? But actually it can be a big struggle... and there is also a difference between "just" being happy and living a happy life. I'm not talking about never being unhappy, of course there are also not so great moments - that's life!
It's all about finding the right balance and here are 10 tips for all of us:

1. Open your mind
Traveling is a great way to become more open-minded. Learning about other cultures, meeting people whose first language isn't the same as yours, or hanging out with someone who doesn't come from your social class, this is how you grow and be open!

2. Stop comparing yourself to others
It's quite hard in a world of instagram and all the other feeds, in which people pretend their perfect lives. We have to remind ourselves that this is not reality and that out there're even more people who have less. Focus on you!

3. Money is not an answer
Happiness has less to do with money than we might imagine. It's the people around us and the way we spend our time. Sure, money is obviously needed and going shopping after a bad day can make you feel better for the moment, but you can't by happiness!

4. Be yourself
Steve Jobs has said "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life" - that's so true. Accept who you are and start to love yourself!

5. Laugh
Cheer yourself up and smile, because even studies say that the physical act of smiling will make you feel happier. See how it affects you and also those around!

6. Surround yourself by people who make you happy
We need other people around us. Researches have shown that social relationships have the strongest impact on happiness, much stronger than income or wealth. But stay away from the ones who drag you down!

7. Be grateful
Without even realizing we take our basic needs for granted.
I try to take time writing down what I'm grateful for each everyday and it helps.
 You will feel better about your life and start to appreciate what you already have!

8. Live in the moment
You can't change the past nor control the future. Enjoy what's in front of you right now. Don't be too busy making plans and make the moments count!

9. Get out in nature
Humans are not meant to be spending their day over the desk with electronic stuff around. Spend time away from your phones and social media. Can you feel the fresh air and how it changes your mood?

10. Be optimistic
Look on the bright side and react to problems with confidence.
And by the way, happy people tend to be more optimistic!

inspired by the book "the secret" and

Let's start together! And don't forget to smile :)

PS. I also like to hang up cards with motivational sayings around my working space as a little reminder. 
What does you help to be happy? 

with eyes wide open, xx Maike


  1. Toller Post und super Tipps :))

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